ITAL-Plast is a joint business office of the renowned Italian producers Kromabatch S.r.l. and Plastinord S.r.l.
To our Czech customers, we offer a wide range of colour masterbatches + additives and various types
of compounds based on polyamide (nylon) PA 6, PA 66 and PA 66/6

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Kromabatch S.r.l.

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Italian producer of wide range of single pigments dispersions, colour masterbatches, additives and combibatches (combining colour with the required additives)

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Why cooperate with us – what we offer

  • Masterbatches and additives are suitable for all standard thermoplastics processing methods – extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding
  • Products based on most of the standard carriers – PE, PP, PS, SAN, ABS, PA, PET, PBT, PC, and others
  • Fast deliveries of standard products
  • Tailor-made materials according to your technical requirements
  • Own colour matching and test laboratories
  • 7 extrusion production lines
  • Homogenous production lots from 25 kg up to several tons
  • Special effect colours – fluorescent shades, metallic and pearlescent effects, thermo colours, etc.
  • Colours for food industry – approval for colours coming into contact with food, declaration of absence of heavy metals
  • Additives – UV stabilizer, slipping and blocking additives, flame retardants, rust inhibitors (anti-corro), antioxidants, optical brighteners, and many others
  • Full offer for: fibres producers (mono and multifilaments, staple fibres and nonwoven textiles), preforms and bottles producers, suppliers for automobile industry, foils producers, and many others
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If you produce or process plastics which you need to colour or additive, we are the right company for you.
Kromabatch – it means fast deliveries of high-quality colours and additives, tailor-made according to your technical requirements.
Let us help you – together we can achieve more

Plastinord S.r.l.

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Italian producer of compounds based on PA 6, PA 66 or PA 66/6

Who we are and what we offer

  • Plastinord is a company specialising in production of polyamide compounds since seventies years of 20-th century
  • In order to ensure the highest quality, both the feedstock and individual production batches are thoroughly inspected in our own laboratories
  • Thanks to the state-of-the-art twin-screw extruders, the company is able to meet and satisfy large-capacity requests and low-tonnage special orders in a short time
  • We offer a broad portfolio of products to our customers:
    • Black, grey, uncoloured (natural) and coloured compounds in various shades
    • Materials filled with glass fibres and balls with various technical specifications according to the required characteristics of the final product
    • Polyamides with additive kaolin, talc or CaCO3
    • Products with Teflon or various types of elastomer for higher, average or low temperatures
    • Flame retardants
    • Granulates with improved heat resistance
    • And other various types
  • Fast deliveries of standard types
  • Possibility to develop a brand new product according to the most demanding technical requests
  • Various types of compounds: regular or tailor-made for various applications in automobile industry, for electric/electronic devices and consumer and industrial goods
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Thanks to their characteristics and features suitable for broad palette of applications (from basic ones to very demanding ones), polyamides are among the most frequently used engineering thermoplastics
For almost half a century, Plastinord has been developing, producing and supplying high quality and economical polyamide compounds
With your kind permission,
we’ll find an optimal technical solution also for you
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